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You have seen me since January 2004 on UK television programmes ‘Have I Been Here Before?’ and ‘This Morning’ regressing nearly 60 celebrities and members of the public back to their past lives. I have now pulled away from main stream media, as it not possible at this time to speak the truth on main stream media to the depth i now understand, it is futile, especially so since i spoke out on the Illuminati in 2013 on a live BBC show " The Big Question". 

In private practice I have seen thousands of Past lives, to assist and facilitate in clearing emotional issues  into going " Karmic Neutral" into 2018 and beyond............ This work has evolved over the 19 years and 22,000 + hours i have worked with souls. I have an Intuitive Ability to read all timelines... Akashic records of your soul, and put your emotional karmic story together for your healing and reclaiming your Soul Sovereignty. 

If we have been here before, it opens up a whole bigger picture for us as humans. Over the years you too may have pondered on the question; maybe you have had an experience as many people do and pushed it to the back of your mind and told no one through fear of being laughed at or not believed.

Maybe like me you had so many spiritual experiences that you were left with no option, but to believe. Outside of the western world many cultures are built on the firm belief that we have all been here before. This is nothing to do with religion either, as it transcends all.

My hope is that by showing past life regression on television we can take it out of the cupboard, and look at it outside of any dogma and taboo.

I believe it will help us all to understand better who we are and why we are here. Also why we meet certain souls and the complexities of the personal karma we have with others, and life situations.

Love Soulmate relationships are often challenging as they allow us to grow and evolve. They are not always big “Love”, often they can just be platonic friendships, or people who really annoy us. Many of us meet karmic boyfriends, husbands, wives and lovers from past lives, so no wonder relationships are so complex. Depending on what happened before and how you left it back in the past life, will depend on what events and behaviour happen this time round. The thing is to master love, compassion, forgiveness and try your best to bin the anger, bitterness and jealousies.

Yes! It may well require that you have a whole shift in your belief system. However, that is part of our journey in life, to step outside limiting beliefs about life, ourselves and others.

It is not necessary to be regressed to remember past-lives, many people do so naturally.

seeing the world Little children often remember past-lives, and talk about when they were here before, or having another Mummy or Daddy, how they died. Some even talk about how they knew you before. They might not have been in the same relationship with you as they are in this lifetime. We do not always reincarnate into the same families, however, depending on what our soul needs to evolve and heal, it is within our potential to do so. How the parents react to their chatter depends on how they will feel about telling you more. So, listen with an open heart if they do . Often just by letting them tell you, it can heal any cell memory that may still be upsetting them from another life. Sometimes it’s just lovely positive things they want to say, as often they are our best teachers, seeing the world through the eyes of an innocent child.

Why do some of us have natural talents? I agree that some gifted children often can have those skills passed down the biological lineage, but if not, where have they come from? Same goes for irrational fears, phobias and emotional issues. As a therapist who works facilitating inner child therapy, I deal with the fact that our issues can so often come from earlier in this lifetime and the womb; but not all do.

So where does that cell memory come from? Then you open up to the concept of past life cell memory. However, not all the answers come from our past lives. Sometimes they come from earth bound consciousness; deceased souls that are earth bound. So no wonder the dates and events might not add up to your age and life in some past life regressions, because they simply are not your past lives!

This is indeed a whole other subject which helps to understand what the sceptics love to call cryptomnesia (false memory syndrome). It also goes a huge way in understanding some personality disorders, and the great give away is that we know this deep down, when we have emotional outbursts and say later “I was not myself”, and you know what, you were probably right. Someone else’s consciousness took over. Then over time this can affect you more and more, as they start attaching in your aura and energy field and can further affect the physical body.

When you have an organ transplant they can then potentially have a direct transfer into the physical body, and you see personality changes over night, because cell memory follows vibrationally living organ tissue. We have all read stories about this in the media, about the person having hobbies and tastes of the transplant donor. Now you know why. Everything is energy and matter. Quantum physics can go a long way to explain this.

This is outside of those who have drug and alcohol induced issues, which does great damage to their energy fields and opens the crown chakra and aura. This creates all kinds of distortion and damage to health and emotional well- being, like an open handbag that anyone can drop things into and out off.

I cannot mention past lives without mentioning souls who have dedicated so much of their lives to researching this subject. The most amazing man is Dr. Ian Stevenson former head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia in America. His research is astounding, especially in birthmarks and birth defects corresponding to wounds on a deceased person, who the child or adult claims to have been.

We can thankfully heal the past through inner journey work, meditation, positive diets and lifestyles. We no longer need to be the victims of our past. Science proves that within 3 months all the cells in your body are new, so it is only our thoughts that keep them vibrating to dis-ease and illness, which affects the chemical balance from alkaline to acidic, changing the cortisol and serotonin levels in the body. So change your thoughts, every day is a choice to be positive or negative. Choose the healthy option and see what transforms! I will in due course add further information to this page. But for now I will leave you with the above thought provoking and interesting aspects to ponder on.

"It is my responsibility to point out that my work as teacher, facilitator and therapist is a personal expression of my Spiritual beliefs and practices and presents my interpretation of the knowledge and understanding I have gained through my studies in the mind/body/spirit field since 2001 Practicing as PLR Therapy.Sessions offer an opportunity to share my personal experience with others, to facilitate the possibility for individuals working with me to recognise their own potential. Any advice or guidance I give through my  therapy, teaching or personal interaction with individuals should be followed only if an individual chooses to do so of their own free will, and I acknowledge and honour each person's right to discern if they wish to embrace within their lives the things I offer, or not. I charge only for my time,wisdom  venue facilities and the use of tools and materials used during the sessions." There is no money back guarantee of what you will experience. Only that i will do the best that i  can to assist you from my professional experience in these fields. 

This statement is willingly made to uphold the legal requirement of the Consumer Protection Regulations (2007) that incorporates an "Unfair Commercial Practices Directive", which means that from 2008 all Mediums, Healers, Psychics and any other Spiritual services will become subject to consumer law.

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