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Deep relaxation of the mind unlocks the door to information stored in your subconscious. When being regressed you are able to hear and speak, and are in total control during this experience.

Regression therapy enables you to access your 'inner truth'. You will gain wisdom and insight from the journey, all fears, phobias, ailments and illnesses have an origin. When journeying back to source, soul freedom resolution can take place, releasing etheric ties to the subconscious mind that are binding you to negative issues; events and relationships.

It can be a huge catalyst for change to a more positive outlook on life, health and relationships - finding out who you really are, creating a greater sense of self and why you are here on Earth during this Ascension time.  Levels of consciousness During normal regression and meditation we lower brainwave frequencies. This is the level of electrical activity in the brains cerebral cortex. Since the invention of Electroencephalograms (EEG's), in the 1960's, it has been possible to measure electrical activity of the brain.


Brain states

Different levels of electrical activity 'brain states' measured in Hz (hertz or cycles per second (cps)).

Beta state (20Hz) : Everyday state - attention is outside of self, so no intuitive messages are able to surface.

Alpha state (7.8 - 14Hz) : During regression/ meditation, this is the level of consciousness necessary to start accessing subconscious information, inner child and past life cell memories. Just before falling asleep and after waking we access this state, also during creative moments. This is the state where we start to release stress and lower blood pressure, therefore pulse rate reduces. Many people access this state naturally by their positive thoughts about life.

Historically the "heart beat" of planet earth has pulsed at 7.8hz. The schumann frequency. The changes in our planet's magnetic fields affect our emotions and memories, hence how the pole shift will affect us all if we do not listen and make changes.

Theta state (3.2 - 7.8 Hz): The best level to be in for regression if possible because it allows the information, images and emotions to surface easier. People who are excellent subjects for regression, especially past life memories access this state with ease when guided into your Pastlives.  During the experience of being in this state, outside of past life cell memory there is a wonderful feeling of inner peace and oneness with the world. Many feel a blissful feeling of just being, where any pains of the physical body cease to exist. We also access this state in dreaming and hypnosis.

Delta State (0.1-3.2 Hz): In evolved souls, mystics and intuitives it is possible for them to access this level while awake hence why some people are psychic and others are yet to awaken to their inner knowing. Trusting is inward not outward.

Deep meditation also brings this about. This state for the majority is only accessed in deep sleep, and when unconsciousness i.e. coma. 

Chakra Chart
Chakra Being 

Chakra Perineum (Base) Sacral (Navel) Solar Plexus Heart Throat Forehead Third Eye Top Of Head
Psychological Function Survival Grounding Emotions, Sexuality Will, Power Love, Balance Communication, Clarity Clairvoyance, Creativity Understanding, Knowing
Element Earth Water Fire Air Ether/Sound Light Thought
Emotion Stillness “Reality” Desire, Tears Anger, Joy, Laughter “I Feel” Love, Compassion Expansion, Excitement Dreaming “ I think” Bliss
Glands Adrenals Ovaries, Prostate, Testicles Pancreas Thymus Hypothalamus, Thyroid Pineal Pituitary
Other assoc. Body parts Legs, Bones, Large Intestines Womb, Genitals, Kidneys, Bladder Stomach, Musculature IBS Lungs, Heart, Arms, Hands Throat, Ear, Mouth, Arms, Hands Eyes CNS, Cerebral Cortex
Malfunction Obesity, Haemorrhoids, Constipation Emotionally negative outbursts Impotence, Frigidity, Uterine or Bladder trouble Ulcers, Diabetes, Hypoglycaemia Power misplaced outside of self Controlling others Asthma, High Blood Pressure Thyroid, Colds, Flu, Tonsils. Repressed Communication or Verbal exess Blindness, Headaches, Nightmares Distorted perception of reality Depression, Alienation, Confusion Controlled thinking
Vowel Sound O as in rope oo as in due Ah as in father Ay as in play Eee as in see Mmm,nnn Ng,ng as in sing
Colour Red Orange Yellow Green/pink Blue Indigo Violet - White
Crystal Haematite Red Jasper Carnelian Moonstone Gold Tigers Eye Green Aventurine Rose Quartz Blue Lace Agate Sodalite Amethyst Amethyst Rock Crystal
Natural oils Cedar, Clove Sandalwood Ylang-ylang Lavender Rosemary Bergamot Attar of Roses Sage ,Eucalyptus Mint, Jasmine Lotus

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