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Soul Freedom Therapy ®
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Andrea’s One-to-One Sessions - Soul Freedom Therapy®

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London, Glastonbury, West Cornwall, Cheshire in Person  and Globally On-Line 

Soul Guidance Skype/Phone Sessions also available.


I have developed many aspects to this work over the last 22 years & 26,000 + hours working with clients, in Evolving Human Potential/ Past Life Regression Therapy, Inner Child Therapy and transcending your Ancestral beliefs, held on a deep cell memory level. I am a" Catalyst for Positive Change" in my endeavour to manifest the ultimate healing formula for the soul that is ready too, show up, be present, tell the truth & let it go!!

PLEASE NOTE - I am at present based mainly in Glastonbury/Cornwall/ Cheshire  and spend a few days each month in London usually SUNDAY & MONDAY. I can help you via Skype if not in person these sessions work differently. I have the ability to read your emotional timelines ( AKASHIC RECORDS), and share the emotional stories of your soul karma you need to release with LOVE & FORGIVENESS. These sessions  are very powerful as well as  your SOUL VIBRATIONAL LIGHT LANGUAGE CODES being gifted to you via the sounds & languages that are channeled through me to you from your soul star higher self.  There are clips of these sounds on youtube, which are generic sounds.  

Regression Therapy enables you to access your inner truth, transcending your ego stories. You will gain wisdom and insight from the journey. All fears, phobias, ailments and illnesses have a source. Journeying back to the  source where freedom and soul resolution can take place, breaks the etheric ties in the subconscious mind that are binding you negatively to issues.  

It can be a huge catalyst for change, to a more positive outlook on life, health and relationships. Find out who you really are and – more importantly - why you are here!    
Spirit Release Therapy is the initial part of the session. This is a very significant part and has to be conducted first.I have my own technique that has been formulated over the years of expereince and is very thorough.
Based on what my previous clients have said in regression, it is my belief that 8 out of 10 people I have regressed have entities (extra souls- earthbound consciousness) attached. Often this can be the key to many physical and mental ailments. They are often attached to a negative emotion that you hold and they resonate with. It is often necessary to go to the source of the emotion, to release them. This emotion will be linked to an event deep within your cell memory. We need to heal and process this with love and compassion to release the cohesion and change your energy field to a more positive vibration.  

It is therefore important that we allow them to be released with the help of your higher-self, they will then be sent to the divine light of their " Higher-self, so that they may all carry on their true soul’s journey. You will then be free to carry on your journey undisturbed, free of any influence they may have had on you.  

Please note that in my opinion, entities are probably the cause of False Memory and Fake Past Lives in other therapies where Spirit Releasement is not conducted.

We then move onto ”Inner Child Therapy”, where I check to see if any events from Pre-Birth to Present Day (in this life) are still affecting you negatively, and process them accordingly. This helps to release you from the negative mental, physical and emotional effects of those negative events,  soul fragmentation and healing the wounded Inner Child.  

The next part is the corridor of ”Past Lives“ where, with your help, I ascertain how many Past Lives you have had, and more importantly, if any are still affecting you negatively. It is imperative that the past lives you experience are yours and not ancestors or earthbound spirits. Sadly, although well meaning some therapists are just processing other peoples lives. The healing is therefore minimal, interesting, but not the deeper healing and clearing we need to be doing in 2023  

We then go through all the negative lives and process each one to the point of compassion, forgiveness, understanding and closure. It is possible to revisit positive lives, if your soul decides too. It is important to gain wisdom, life insight, hidden talents and soul connections - especially to soul mates. We can bring through all the positive aspects and happiness into this lifetime.  

Some clients go to the “Inter Life State“, which is the place we go to between lives. What you will experience here is really dependent on the level of soul growth you have acquired in this life and other lives. This can be a very rewarding and amazing experience if you go there.

It is possible to bring in the "soul consciousness" of family or friends and others who have passed to the other side, for you to see them in your mind’s eye, and this can be very beneficial for those seeking contact.  

Andreas Sea Angel Some clients are able to meet their Authentic  Higherself Guides and Angelic Selves, Pleiadian/Star Soul family/Benevolent Beings also connecting with their soul family who work with them on a soul level. Some people see them, feel or sense their presence, and much comfort can be gained from this experience. 

I then work to rebalance your 7+ main Energy Centres, which are better known as your Chakras. I will have already worked out if there are any imbalances at the beginning of our session. You will be shown where they are. 

There are other aspects such as healing your ancestral timeline. This can and does heal the source of family inherited emotional dysfunction.  

Finally, I will take you to see your Blueprint for 2023 onwards. Here you will be shown guidance and potential for the future ahead of you in this lifetime connecting with your HigherSelf, Angelic Self and Soul/Star Family and between lives.     

In the event that you cannot go deep enough into the relaxation of your subconscious mind, to access some or all of the above, I will work with you in my other capacity as an Intuitive Visionary and Guide, working with energy, vibrational sound healing with  crystals to rebalance your chakras and auric field, as well as an attunement to a " Heart" opening using Soul Light Language, as a powerful soul awakening. 

To undertake regression/energy healing  is a huge step forward into taking responsibility for your life, your choices, and to turning the negative into a positive. I help and guide you, but it is you who must walk, talk and live your truth on the path of Soul Freedom Light you have chosen.  

Regression should be a therapy you have chosen for yourself to help  illuminate and evolve your life out of your karma (not pushed into it by friends and family, loving and caring as they may be).

The more open and honest you are about your life and you're issues when we meet, the better the result. If you allow someone else to push you into regression, you are less likely to receive the full benefit. Each lifetime counts, so let this one be the one where you take responsibility for improving it, and transcending all the karma to become fully present in the " Heart Wisdom" of living in the Now as you Ascend through your physical body. 

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