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 Mental Health is Crucial to your Life 
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Most People think they can build a life and a career without ever looking at their mental health. Sadly if you put your mental health and processing emotional trauma as you go through life as your priority, and as soon as your unable to cope with life experiences, this will highlight their is not a firm foundation to build life on going forward. You need to stop and refocus on your mental health, before you can proceed forward with anythi
ng else. Most souls through romantic relationships and their ability to deal with differing opinions on the relationship and rejection, start to see they cannot cope and therefore can see the warning signs. If rejection or conflict leads you into a emotional and mental breakdown, be sure the underlying cause is not in the Now or this relationship. This relationship is just highlighting the bigger problems never resolved or disassociated from early in life. Most people think they can cope with trauma, but without deep therapy and inner work on themselves from Childhood Issues,Ancestral Issues and even Past Life unresolved Emotional Issues.. They find their is no firm mental foundation to build life on.....They will crash and burn repeatedly and as time goes by and drift into mental health issues which eventually get a label as Dissociative Identity Disorder, Schizophrenia, Bio Polar, Cluster B, Narcissism, Codepedancy, Histrionic History, Sociopathy, Psychopath. This is why you must believe people around you whom say you need help, you need therapy...If you can feel yourself becoming unhinged and not coping, its false economy not to seek professional assistance for your mental health. Its very difficult to do business, employ or socialise with souls with poor mental health. So please value your mental health.  

Andrea Foulkes  - Creator  - Soul Freedom Therapy 
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