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Corona Sunset

You don’t need to chip and inject people too see the mark of the beast upon them.....Most of those souls you will not have even seen in the supermarket or walking in the last few weeks, many you may never see in public again....They self isolated not through health issues at the time of lockdown isolation , but through layers and layers of Fear, Paranoia, Guilt, Shame and Self policing worse than what any Government may even suggest to them. Many of these souls have shadow selves stored in the sub conscious mind from Past Lives, Ancestral Lives and Wounded Inner Child compounding it all... that even whilst locked up they have not been able to look within and use this time wisely to clear their emotional backlog, instead they have gone further into those lifetimes out of balance with LOVE and the HEART....Become terrorised by their own minds... Too fearful to live in the world.....At some point they will have to go outside... be that a couple a whole family or a single person and at such times if they are still holding terror and fear wearing gloves and masks and now involved in overt OCD behaviour this will burn through their central nervous system with oxygen depriving stress and anxiety. Without the ability to look within at themselves they will be on the path to a slow death or rapid death, at the hand of their own making .... There is no drug that can save you from your own inner world of persecution, terror and judgment of your fellow humans and self in anything but a loving neutral position.... Many whom should be looking for a partner will never have sex again but will look to the government for the gloved hand of IVF... to fill the empty void in their life from a government controlled and manufactured baby.... How long those humans believe they can stay on a planet that is moving to a higher frequency of LOVE and Harmony and a Return to Nature as in the Garden of Eden... stripped bear of anything but LOVE, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS.... A period of vibrational GRACE is offered to all from Gaia/ Mother Earth and Father Sky. Make no mistake all will be invited to return to the natural spin of love in a saga older than time .... beyond ones physical body and into the eternal soul consciousness to awaken from the personal Matrix Mind to Love and Harmony on Earth.... Andrea Foulkes copyright 17 April 2020 Corona Times 





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